Denita was great! So informative and easy to talk to. After her session, she made me feel like publishing a book is actually an achievable goal. Very inspiring. 

Jennifer - Los Angeles California 

I left feeling 100% inspired and motivated beyond any expectations, to write my story! I can't thank Denita enough for the guidance, perspective and wonderfully uplifting seminar. She's an incredible teacher, guide and support ! 

Melissa - Los Angeles California 

This is a great experience I have. Denita is so nice and gives me a thought-provoking and professional info about writing a book and personal life experience.
Yi- China

Denita was awesome! She listened intently and I felt like I was catching up with a friend. She offered helpful things to consider as I write and continue to share my story and travel adventures. Thank you!

Fidel - Los Angeles California 

Denita is fantastic - I really enjoyed meeting and receiving information and feedback from her. She is a great listener and attentive in conversation. She meets you where you are and shares suggestions for the next step in your writing journey. This experience far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend!   - Melissa - Los Angeles California


Denita is inspiring. She seeds thoughts and ideas that you simply cannot wait to plant and pursue once you are home. She customizes her approach to each student to ensure that your personal goals and intentions are met. This is a worthwhile experience for all ranges of writers.... from those that have even the slightest interest in writing to those that have a practiced hand and need publishing help. And not only that. Denita is so authentic, I feel I've made a friend for life! 

Donna- Los Angeles - California 

Denita is very knowledgeable in the travel writing field. She is full of ideas, and she will inspire you to come up with your own ideas as well. She will guide you by answering any questions you may have. Be prepared with questions that you would like answers answers to. 

Teeta- Orange County- California 


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