We are looking for women worldwide to start a storytelling session to inspire, uplift and transform lives through personal story. Learn more & apply below

Are you looking to be part of a growing platform who celebrate writing, empowerment, storytelling and publishing life experiences?

What about joining a team that enjoy collaborating, giving advice, sharing connections and supporting each other on this journey called life? This is a new way for women to connect offline! 

We empower women to open their homes or a sacred space to connect through storytelling and learn how to turn their story into a published book to become an Author.


Women around the world are wanting support with being heard and having their story shared. It’s really about speaking up and having the confidence to do so. The best way to do this is sharing a space with like-minded women who support you and your story. Not only, will your story be shared within a sacred space, but your story can be published in a book to inspire others who may share the same journey. Our stories are trans formative and when shared, we create a space of understanding, kindness and gratitude.


We support women in feeling confident about their story and life experiences. We encourage women to speak freely and to be proud of their personal journey. Sharing your story out loud is the first step and if you choose to share it with the world through a publish book, we are here to help with that as well.

We know its hard to find time to connect with others, but keep in mind, this is the perfect opportunity to create a new community around something that you love. Its about the overall journey. We all could use a burst of inspiration and what better way to bring us all together? STORYTELLING! Our stories not only bring us together, but it helps us understand ourselves and others. Its a shift in perspective.  A 2-hour session, facilitated by a woman out of her home or chosen venue may be a great start for the week. Meet up to 10 new women, and connect over a thought-provoking conversation. 


Write Your Journey Ambassadors lead an inspiring discussion out of their homes or a chosen venue once a month for up to 10 ladies . Our topics of discussion range from The Power of Story, Embracing Your Story, How to publish your story and much more. We provide you with a monthly discussion guide that will help you throughout the entire year. We are always here to give you the confidence you need to inspire and transform lives through Storytelling. 

Make Inspiring connections and build a network of like-minded individuals

  • Become a Leader in your community personally and professionally 

  • Earn extra income in your spare time

  • Enjoy educational benefits of the writing and publishing world 

  • Free Access to Los Angeles workshops, Retreats and live classes 

  • Discounts on publishing and book coaching services 

  • Build your entrepreneur portfolio of leadership 


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