Every morning startsa new page in your story.Make it a great one today!.png
Every morning startsa new page in your story.Make it a great one today!.png



Based on the number of attendees and theme of the Ambassador’s special storytelling session, we offer a bonus pack if needed which includes the following: $275 includes shipping

  • Ambassador Write Your Journey- Writing Journals for your guest

  • Virtual Special Guest to speak - Denita Austin

  • Selective Books Of Your Choice for gift bags - Please Reference our Collaborative Books Series (Travel) - (Yoga) or you may choose signed copies of The Power of Story

  • $25 Bonus Attendee Credit ( products and services Austin Ink Studio )

We created this model simply because it allows Ambassadors to make great money, and to be invested in the growth of the Write Your Journey Story Telling Sessions. We want women to be inspired and supported and of course our mission is to help women create lifestyles around their passion.

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Women around the world are wanting support with being heard and having their story shared. It’s really about speaking up and having the confidence to do so. The best way to do this is sharing a space with like-minded women who support you and your story. Not only, will your story be shared within a sacred space, but your story can be published in a book to inspire others who may share the same journey. Our stories are trans formative and when shared, we create a space of understanding, kindness and gratitude.

Make Inspiring connections and build a network of like-minded individuals

  • Become a Leader in your community personally and professionally 

  • Earn extra income in your spare time

  • Enjoy educational benefits of the writing and publishing world 

  • Free Access to Los Angeles workshops, Retreats and live classes 

  • Discounts on publishing and book coaching services 

  • Build your entrepreneur portfolio of leadership