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Thank you for your interest in the Zodiac Secret love Language (Book Series)!  We look forward to being in touch to discuss your application and chapter.



  • Recognition in the book with your very own Chapter
  • ISBN Assignment 
  • Online Worldwide Distribution 
  • E-Book and Paperback Formatting and Distribution
  • Complimentary Author Copy
  • Adding Author to your Resume! 
  • Sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and additional Channels and distribution


  • Recognition in the book with your very own chapter
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Personalized E-Book Front Cover with Name
  • E-Book Sold on your personal website- You keep all sales
  • Adding Author to your Resume/additional book for portfolio
  • Online Worldwide Distribution 
  • E-Book Formatting and Distribution Paperback- Formatting and Distribution 
  • Complimentary Author Copy
  • Sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and additional Channels and distribution 
  • Discount on book services for solo projects


  • Recognition in the book with your very own chapter
  • ISBN Assignment 
  • Author Volume Discounts for Printing 
  • Online Worldwide Distribution 
  • Personalized E-Book front Cover with Name  
  • Personalized Paperback Front Cover with Name
  • E-Book Formatting and Distribution
  • Paperback- Formatting and Distribution 
  • Complimentary Author Copy
  • Sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and additional Channels and distribution 
  • Personalized book page with Co-Authors
  • Free Paperback Copies (20)
  • Additional book added to your portfolio and work
  • Discount on book services for solo projects
  • Automatic placement in next co-author book of your choice 
  • Free Admission to Co-Author Social for current Book Series
  • Free Book Coaching Services
  • E-Book sold on Professional Website - You keep all sales! 
  • Paperback sold on your professional  Website - You keep all sales!
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Tell us your zodiac sign and a little bit about you. Why would you be a perfect fit for this book series? Denita will contact you personally regarding your request. Sending love and light.
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Denita will contact you personally regarding your participation. Sending love and light your way.
I understand that my application must be approved before I am selected to be included in the book. I understand that I retain the copyright to the content in my chapter. I ensure that all information in this application is the truth. I agree to fulfill the writing and financial agreement of this project, once my application is approved. I agree to meet the deadlines of this project. I affirm that the chapter I submit for this book project is my original work, that I am the sole author and owner of the copyright. I understand that I retain the rights to my original work. Furthermore, I understand that I will be fully liable should any copyright infringement be claimed or discovered. I recognize Austin Ink/Austin Ink Publishing™ is under the website of DenitaAustin.com. and hereby agree to indemnify Austin Ink/Austin Ink Publishing and any of its operators of any loss, damage, penalties, legal actions, or claims incurred as a result of breaching this agreement. This agreement is being delivered in, and shall be governed, construed, enforced, and interpreted by, through, and under the laws of the State of California, excluding conflict of law principles that would cause the application of laws of another jurisdiction. I understand that once I submit my application for this project and am approved as an co- author, I am committed to fulfilling the writing and financial terms of this project by the deadlines. I further understand that, if I do not fulfill the writing obligation of this project I forfeit any payments already made, and must make any payments still due. I understand that shipping charges are an additional fee that cannot be determined until the books are printed if I choose to order books at a later date, their weight is known and my location is taken into account, since the shipping costs are based on distance from the printing plant.
I, DENITA AUSTIN, DBA Austin Ink/ Austin Ink Publishing™, agree to fulfill this agreement as outlined in this document with the caveat that there may be unforeseen schedule delays that cannot be avoided. If for any reason the book project does not go forward, any monies paid will be promptly returned. SIGNED: DENITA AUSTIN

How many co-authors will be part of this book?

We will select between 10 co-authors to be included in each book.

Why should I do a book with other professionals instead of doing my own?

Not only do you create a portfolio for yourself but you benefit from the marketing efforts of multiple authors each promoting the book. This creates immeasurable additional exposure. If you are a newbie this will create a platform for you to begin your journey of writing, publishing and possibly speaking engagements. If you are already an author, this is another exciting opportunity to add to your portfolio and business. Plus, we do everything for you, which significantly expedites the process of getting your book done. 

I want to participate, however I am not confident I can write a great chapter.

We can help you build your chapter outline, review your material during the writing phase and help you turn in a strong chapter.

Why should I work with you on this project?

As a Bestselling author currently working on my third book, I know what works and what doesn't. I know a lot about how to use a book to build your business and build influence. Additionally, I think its super important to work with someone who is personable, professional and honest and that's me!  

How big will the book be?

It will be at least 150 pages long and measure approximately 5 inches by 7 inches. (The exact number of pages will not be determined until the layout is complete.) 

Who holds the copyright on the book?

You hold the copyright to all the content in your chapter. You can use your existing writing to comprise your chapter and later you can expand your chapter into your own book. You can do whatever you want with your content. I will hold the copyright only on the book in its entirety.

What about an e-book version?

You will receive an e-book version you can sell on your website, sell at your events, use for incentives and recognition.  You keep 100% of any revenue you generate from your e-book sales.

What about my printed copies? 

Depending on your co-author package purchased, you will receive a starter amount to sale and the additional books will be sold separately 

“With Intention and purpose, Denita embodies grace, power and sensitivity like a true maverick on a mission to instigate, cultivate and proliferate more love on this planet. Regal in her nature, her radiant beauty from the inside out is dazzling and contagious. It translates through her ability to hold her community, her class participants and her clients and customers in a way that is celebrated, honored and devoted to their highest good. I feel lucky to know this incredible woman who leaves such a profound impressions on those she encounters. As time will reveal, I do believe she will be one of our most important voices and leaders in shaping the new paradigm.” 

Tbird Luv  - tbridluvmusic.com

“Denita’s presence is enough to have healing capabilities. The women at my event fell in love with Denita and her work. I would highly recommend Denita to anyone who is looking to calm their heart, center their mind, and rejuvenate their spirit. She has a keen technique that I hadn't seen before, which made her stand out. Denita is your go-to girl!

Angel Quintana -  www.AngelQuintana.com

Denita brings you back home - to yourself. Her gentle questions guide you to where you lost track of yourself, your priorities and your values. In working with Denita I've learned what I do which doesn't serve me and how to more compassionately let it go. She is my anchor when the storm gets turbulent - I am grateful to have her services to help set me free and live a life of peace, bliss and happiness.”

Sammy D — SammyDTV.com


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