From my perspective, its about living life with all your might, remembering to laugh no matter how hard it may be and spread love into the world to others who are in need. 

We have created an extraordinary opportunity for you to share  your poetry of life experiences. We want to hear from you! Share your creative word play with the world about the importance of living life to the fullest and what that actually means to you. Loving as much as your heart can bare and simply explaining the importance of laughing even if its through pain. What did you learn about yourself throughout the process?Share your creative writing and love of poetry in our next book series specifically for Poets.  

Your poetry is needed to uplift, inspire and motivate others to live life to the fullest. Its needed to push us to show up in the world being our best. Your poetry is needed as affirmations to lift someones spirit in a time of need or to just start our days off on the right foot. 

Please select your desired payment plan from the options listed below. Upon completing the payment process and form below, you are done with the co-author application. If you have not yet emailed your application, please do so immediately. Your co-author application is only considered complete with both parts:

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Thank you for your interest in our Passionate about Poetry (Book Series)!  We look forward to being in touch to discuss your application and chapter.

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Your Investment covers the following:

  • Recognition in the book with your very own Chapter
  • ISBN Assignment 
  • Online Worldwide Distribution 
  • E-Book and Paperback Formatting and Distribution
  • Complimentary Author Copy
  • Adding Author to your Resume! 
  • Sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and additional Channels and distribution

Your Investment covers the following:

  • Recognition in the book with your very own chapter
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Personalized E-Book Front Cover with Name
  • E-Book Sold on your personal website- You keep all sales
  • Adding Author to your Resume/additional book for portfolio
  • Online Worldwide Distribution 
  • E-Book Formatting and Distribution Paperback- Formatting and Distribution 
  • Free - Book Coaching Services 
  • Complimentary Author Copy - Printed
  • Sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and additional Channels and distribution 
  • Discount on book services for solo projects

Let's Get Started and Have Some Fun! Secure Your Space and Share Your Story 

“Allow your story to inspire others who wish to walk the same path of growth and wisdom Our experiences shape our personalities  and keep in mind that we are constantly growing and thriving as human beings as long as we don’t give up. Accept all of your unique talents and qualities about yourself inside and out no matter what the situation or circumstances are. 

YOU are about to create history and place your stamp in the world by sharing your story because YOU ROCK!

Lets get started! There is only one you in this world. ”

— Sending Love and Light Denita Austin


How many co-authors will be part of this book?

We will select between 10 co-authors to be included in each book.

Why should I do a book with other professionals instead of doing my own?

Not only do you create a portfolio for yourself but you benefit from the marketing efforts of multiple authors each promoting the book. This creates immeasurable additional exposure. If you are a newbie this will create a platform for you to begin your journey of writing, publishing and possibly speaking engagements. If you are already an author, this is another exciting opportunity to add to your portfolio and business. Plus, we do everything for you, which significantly expedites the process of getting your book done. 

I want to participate, however I am not confident I can write a great chapter.

We can help you build your chapter outline, review your material during the writing phase and help you turn in a strong chapter.

Why should I work with you on this project?

As a Bestselling author currently working on my third book, I know what works and what doesn't. I know a lot about how to use a book to build your business and build influence. Additionally, I think its super important to work with someone who is personable, professional and honest and that's me!  

How big will the book be?

It will be at least 150 pages long and measure approximately 5 inches by 7 inches. (The exact number of pages will not be determined until the layout is complete.) 

Who holds the copyright on the book?

You hold the copyright to all the content in your chapter. You can use your existing writing to comprise your chapter and later you can expand your chapter into your own book. You can do whatever you want with your content. I will hold the copyright only on the book in its entirety.

What about an e-book version?

You will receive an e-book version you can sell on your website, sell at your events, use for incentives and recognition.  You keep 100% of any revenue you generate from your e-book sales.

What about my printed copies? 

Depending on your co-author package purchased, you will receive a starter amount to sale and the additional books will be sold separately 

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On our call, I will answer all of your publishing questions and concerns regarding our upcoming projects. I look forward to working with you and creating some magic.